Breakout Box 3-In-1 Acne Treatment Kit


What it is: Blemishes have a nasty habit of popping up at the most inconvenient times. We don’t have time to sit around and wait for them to fade, so Patchology created this gentle yet effective trio of acne-clearing patches and strips.

Why we love it: Anti-inflammatory and bacteria-banishing ingredients (like salicylic acid, tea tree oil and witch hazel) start healing spots and unclogging pores in a matter of hours.

Included: 3 Blackhead-Eliminating Nose Strips, 24 Pimple-Shrinking Salicylic Acid Dots, 24 Whitehead-Absorbing Hydrocolloid Dots, 2 Storage sachets to keep your dots fresh.

Item 80000414

Nose Strips

Step 1: Start with a clean face. Thoroughly wet nose to activate adhesive.
Step 2: Peel plastic backing from strip and apply to nose, smooth side down. Press to ensure even contact with skin.
Step 3: Allow strip to dry in place for 10-15 minutes, until stiff.
Step 4: Gently peel off strip, starting at edges and pulling toward center.
Step 5: Rinse residue and gleefully inspect strip for evidence of gunk.

Hydrocolloid and Salicylic Acid Dots

Step 1: Make sure the affected area is clean. Peel appropriate-sized dot from plastic backing.
Step 2: Cover entire whitehead or blemish with dot, pressing to ensure even contact with skin.
Step 3: Allow dot to remain in place for 6-8 hours, or overnight.
Step 4: Remove and discard dot.
Step 5: Store your dots in the resealable storage pouches to keep them fresh!


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